The program is primarily focused on building up individuals between the ages of 16 to 26 years old in a space for activism. Participants will have the opportunity to develop and implement a campaign, participate in a debate, connect with community stakeholders, and have a clear understanding of how to organize and mobilize in their communities. They will leave clear on where the movement work has come from and where they see it going.


Through a rigorous 16 week curriculum, participants in this training program will learn about the history of organizing and mobilizing in local communities across the globe as well as locally. Participants will have an understanding of the power dynamics within our government and how to advocate effectively. With project based learning and a hands on experience, participants will have a hands on opportunity to create and launch their own campaign about an issue impacting their current lives.


Pull the creative gifts and leadership skills out of the participants while reminding them the foundation of community activism is love.

Participants will learn the strategy and dynamics of activism with a focus of organizing and mobilizing.