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We are working to put binding ballot questions on the May 2021 ballot.

This will take 27,000 valid signatures, collected between December 29 and February 16.

We need everyone’s help to make this happen!

“Breonna’s Law” To Ban No-Knock Warrants In Pittsburgh

Pass “Breonna’s Law” In Pittsburgh: Donate To Put A Binding Referendum On The Ballot

This May, the voters of Pittsburgh have the power to ban the use of “no-knock” raids by police.

These raids became infamous this past march, when Louisville police executed a no-knock warrant at the home of emergency room technician Breonna Taylor, opened fire when her boyfriend shot at these (announced) intruders, hitting her with eight bullets and killing her.

Pittsburgh, too, has suffered. In the past six years, multiple settlements costing hundreds of thousands of dollars have been reached between the city and victis of such police raids. This is unacceptable; while the practice has been supposedly discontinued temporarily, we must prohibit it altogether through an amendment to the city charter.

We are writing a binding referendum to amend the charter, which will require over 12,000 valid signatures. Please contribute to help us make this a reality. We have very little time to raise this money; petitioning begins on December 29.

Thank you — and please share!

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