Donate To Put A Binding Referendum For The County Jail On The Ballot

This May, the voters of Allegheny County have the power to end the barbaric abuses occurring in the county jail.

As detailed in the lawsuit filed by advocates against the jail a few weeks ago, people inside the jail are routinely subjected to long stretches in solitary confinement as, essentially, punishment for having a mental illness. One chilling example:

“Plaintiff…is currently incarcerated at ACJ and has been since February 2015. He suffers from psychiatric disabilities, including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Mr. Byrd has been repeatedly issued misconducts and kept in solitary confinement for seeking mental health or medical care, and he has been repeatedly assaulted with a taser, sprayed with OC spray, and placed in the restraint chair. He has been placed in the restraint chair approximately 20 times or more, including one instance of being strapped to the chair for 28 hours. These conditions have caused his mental health to deteriorate, and led to a series of selfharm attempts.”

We are writing a referendum to all but ban the use of solitary confinement in county correctional facilities, which will require over 27,000 valid signatures. Please contribute to help us make this a reality. We have very little time to raise this money; petitioning begins on December 29.

Help Us Stop Solitary