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New Report Calls for City and County to Decrease 

Police Funding and Increase Community Investment A new report urges the city and county to decenter policing and reimagine the concept of public health and safety. The Coalition to Reimagine Public Safety released the report and discussed the recommendations at a press conference on Thursday, June 17, 2021. Through a series of working sessions, town hall meetings, and input opportunities,…

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Unveiling Harsh Realities of Allegheny County Jail: A Call for Justice

The prison system is the epitome of inhumane conditions, dehumanization, and systemic issues that perpetuate suffering and injustice. The Alliance for Police Accountability strives to unveil the harsh realities behind these steel bars and towering walls. The brokenness demands our attention, empathy, and a collective call for reform for communities across America, starting with Allegheny County. In overcrowded prisons, each…

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