Leading criminal justice reconstruction at a local level.

We are committed to making our neighborhoods safer, ending mass incarceration, and transforming our world through the eyes of youth.


Dismantling an unfair and unjust system.

Through education, policy, and community participation, we are creating a safer community and a more just system.


An alliance of organizations and individuals working for justice.

The Alliance for Police Accountability is a grassroots organization that is building power for Black and marginalized communities. Through advocacy, education, policy, and community participation we are dismantling an unfair and unjust system to create a safer community for us all.


Help us take a stand against injustice.

There are many ways you can take action to join the growing movement for police accountability and our campaign to make Pennsylvania communities safer.

Reimagining Public Safety in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County:

A Community Vision for Lasting Health and Safety