Coalition to Reimagine Public Safety

APA and 1Hood Media joined forces, fueled by The Pittsburgh Foundation, to lead the charge in reimagining public safety. This groundbreaking 6-month initiative united survivors, lawyers, mental health experts, and community advocates to forge community-centered alternatives to outdated policing models.

Black Activist/Organizer Collective

In a powerful alliance forged in the summer of 2020, APA, 1Hood Media, Okra Ethics, Take Action Mon Valley, Representative Summer Lee, and Councilwoman Olivia Bennett formed the Black Activist/Organizer Collective. Responding to the exclusion of Black communities in Mayor Peduto’s “8 Can’t Wait” campaign, the Collective fearlessly presented a comprehensive list of 12 police reforms to Peduto and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, demanding accountability and justice.

Ending School Injustice

Since 2017, APA has remained at the forefront of tackling the unfair treatment of Black and brown students in Woodland Hills School District. We are committed to removing police presence from schools and implementing alternative support systems tailored to students’ developmental needs. By doing so, we reduce the number of students pushed into the juvenile legal system and minimize traumatic encounters with law enforcement.

Advocacy for Victims of Police Misconduct

APA stands alongside families and communities impacted by police misconduct, providing crucial support in their time of need. From assisting with paperwork to crafting powerful public statements and organizing protests, we proactively advocate for justice. Through our work, we foster a culture of healing and empowerment for communities that the police have violated.