Activism is Love

Motivating youth aged 16-26, our 16-week training imparts campaign-building and advocacy skills. Through research, community meetings, and communications strategies, participants tackle pressing issues. Field trips to Harrisburg and Washington D.C. provide valuable legal system navigation experience while fostering confidence for effective community advocacy.

APA Love Days

Join us for APA Love Days—a program that strengthens community bonds by providing support to those in need. Partnering with organizations like the Children’s Museum, Catapult Greater Pittsburgh, and Dollar Bank Mortgage for Mom’s program, we increase access to resources, education, and opportunities such as registering to vote and using their voice to weigh in on crucial issues involving criminal justice reform.

Know Your Rights Workshops

Empowering Black and brown folks through knowledge, our Know Your Rights workshops are the cornerstone to APA’s vision. In these sessions, participants learn about their legal rights in a supportive environment. Through brief lectures and interactive discussions, we foster confidence in interpersonal dynamics with police and enhance fundamental knowledge for educated interactions.

Community Meetings

A space for learning, connection, and voicing opinion, these monthly, two-hour sessions with guest experts shed light on vital topics such as judicial gerrymandering and the dangers of predictive policing. Conversations continue after the events through themed groups to explore and bolster APA initiatives, projects, and opportunities.

Voter Engagement

Each election cycle, APA ignites civic action. Our engagement strategy mobilizes Allegheny County citizens, emphasizing the impact of voting and completing the census. The power of ordinary citizens achieved a remarkable 20% increase in voter turnout in the neighborhoods we canvassed during the first half of 2020, and we’re just getting started.