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Alliance for Police Accountability (APA)

A Future Made for All of Us

The Alliance for Police Accountability (APA) rose from a defining moment in Pittsburgh’s history. In 2010, the brutal beating of Jordan Miles shattered our community. Seeking justice and accountability, activists, leaders, and organizations united to form APA, empowering communities through change, action, and educational equity.

Through inspiring change, catalyzing action, and championing equity in education and grassroots mobilization, APA dismantles barriers, heals communities, and amplifies every voice. Join us in shaping a future of fearlessness, institutional trust, and racial understanding.

APA focuses on critical national issues:

  • Police Accountability
  • Racial Justice
  • Educational Equity
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Community Healing
  • Political Empowerment

Our Great Team

Brandi Fisher


Kim Andrews

Community Organizer

Kim Ward

Marketing Coordinator

Kyna James

Coalition Organizer

Matt Holiday III

Digital Organizer

Monye Holiday

Executive Assistant
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